Excel training in English (two days in Prague)

This training is for users with some experience with Excel, that want to go little bit more in depth.

Its for people from administration, sales, HR or data analysis. 

Thanks to two days of training we have enough time for many practical examples and practicing.

Termíny kurzu

Tento kurz bohužel nemá aktuálně vypsané termíny. Je však možné uspořádat ho na zakázku pro Vaši firmu.

Téma kurzu

  • Pivot Tables
    • How to quickly find useful information in data and show them. We will see not only the basics, but also more advanced tools like slicer, calculated fields or conditional formatting in Pivot Tables.
  • Logical functions and how to use them in your job.
    • Use of IF, AND, OR and their combinations.
  • Table connections (VLOOKUP)
    • VLOOKUP is crucial, you simply can't live without it and we will learn it. And maybe even HLOOKUP, INDEX or MATCH.
  • Text functions
    • Data have to be usually cleaned before use. In these situations you need CONCATENATE, TRIM, LEFT, FIND, SUBSTITUTE...
    • Did you know, that SUMIFS and COUNTIFS are in top 5 most practical Excel functions? And can you use them in more advanced combinations?
  • Date functions
    • Working with calendar in Excel can be complicated, or simple. You just have to be familiar with MONTH, YEAR, WEEKDAY, EDATE or NETWORKDAYS.
  • Conditional formatting
    • Correct result is not enough. It has to be presented nicely and clearly, so as everyone can find the information quickly. I mean conditional formatting is irreplaceable.
  • Macros
    • We will show how to record macro and how to simply modify it.
  • Power Query
    • Power Query is still quite new, but very useful tool. It can be used for connection to external files or other sources - so as no repeating copy - paste is needed anymore.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • You need correct tables. But if you need them quickly, you will appreciate keyboard shortcuts pretty much.