Training topics

Basics, Deep dive, DAX, M, R, Visuals, Data modelling, Power Excel...


Anywhere in Europe -  trainers will come right into your conference room. The training language is English.


Data analysts with long training history - authors of these tutorials.


Roughly 1000 - 2000 EUR per day, ask for proposal.


In recent years we provided trainings for companies from pharma (Fresenius, Gilead, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Roche, SpofaDental), automotive (Aisin, Ford Credit, Good Year, Nokian, Pirelli, Skoda Auto), finance (Allianz, Direct, Generali), infrastructure and telco (E-on, Innogy, Strabag, T-mobile) and others (Avast, Decathlon, Jan Becher, Nestlé, Notino, Sportisimo…).

Recent manuals

Power Automate triggered from Power BI alert – automatic order when value below threshold (10.5.2021)

This article describes how to combine Power BI with Power Automate. We are creating a solution, where: Power BI checks…
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SUMMARIZECOLUMNS – grouping in data model (DAX – Power Pivot, Power BI) (7.5.2021)

This is about the SUMMARIZECOLUMNS function. It groups values in a table, similarly to older SUMMARIZE. (More about it here.)…
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Show top N items in visual (3.5.2021)

Let´s have visualisation like this, showing numbers of cars by Brand: Unfortunately, there are too many items, so we need…
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