How to create a Power Automate flow that fills a prepared template in Word with data from a database, form, etc.?

What to do in Word

You need to create and save a document on OneDrive / SharePoint that will contain embedded named fields. If you don’t see the Developer tab, add it in File / Options / Edit Toolbar.

Fill the Title and Tag properties with fields (typically text fields).

What to do in Power Automate

Getting values

You need to take the values ​​with which you want to fill the template from somewhere. It can be tables, Forms, endless other possibilities. In this case, we enter the values ​​directly when starting the flow.

Populate template

Pair fields in template with values from flow.

Save file

Document from template has to be saved somewhere, possibly to OneDrive.

So as the files saved into specified OneDrive folder.

Obviously, the final files are populated by values from Automate.

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