Author: Martin Bradáč

 Entities using Office 365 can use variety of means of saving and sharing files. Every user has his/her own space of size 1 TB for their files – OneDrive. In addition to this, the whole organization has a common storage for Sharepoint service. It size is also 1TB and it is increased by another 10GB for each user (with exception of several minor plans). However, there remains a question for many users, when to save files to OneDrive (for businesses) and when to a library Sharepoint.

One Drive – a personal storage

One Drive for businesses is primarily designed as a cloud storage for each user. It is designed for personal use.

 OneDrive also enables to share files and to establish authorization. You can share files with other colleagues within the organization and, with permission of a manager, with certain users outside organization. It is even possible to share files via link only, which substitutes for public file sharing servers.

The data can be shared among users by means of synchronization client, which supports synchronization of a shared folder, eventually saving photos taken on a mobile phone.

Share Point – a team web

On the contrary, Sharepoint has been designed for sharing of files within a group of users or a team. The team web clearly defines group of its users. It means that the files do not belong only to one user, but it is managed by the owner of the web. There can (and should) be more owners than one. It is so for the case that some user quits. 

A Sharepoint library can be again synchronized by the client for OneDrive to local disc, so a user does not have to search for the document.

Another possibility to enable easier access to files, is the service MS Teams. In this application, the files are clearly sorted by channels. Eventually, there are displayed all files that the user has.

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