This article describes how to combine Power BI with Power Automate. We are creating a solution, where:

  • Power BI checks current values (in our example coffee supply), and when it is below 100, it triggers notification
  • This notification runs flow in Power Automate, which takes values from Power BI, and based on approves and send an order to supplier

So, how to start?

What to do in Power BI

In Power BI we have to create an Alert. So let´s create a Card visual, pin it to dashboard and set thresholds. Then click to Power Automate.

What to do in Power Automate

In Power Automate we will arrange flow like this.

First step is a notification from Power BI. It´s only parameter is a name of an Alert.

Following steps, Approval process, can use info from it – to provide relevant information to an approving person.

Then we need a condition, which sends an order email when approved.

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