As in any other programming language, you can also use variables in DAX. (But unlike in other languages, you don´t need them too much. It just makes the syntax little bit more clear.

Few more notes about variables in DAX:

  • Variable can refer to other variable
  • Variable cannot vary during calculation (so, honestly, it is not a variable…)
  • Variables are calculated on the beginning – before the RETURN command – and can be used repeatedly. So they are calculated just once – which makes it quicker to calculate.
  • Variable can contain single value or a table

The syntax is easy. We can define the variable, then write RETURN a normally continue with calculation.

Here we define a measure variable

  • TotalSales =
       VAR total_sales = SUM(‘original data'[Revenue])

And here we define a table variable

  • ResultTable =
       VAR mytable = FILTER(‘original data’;’original data'[Goods category]=”Fruit”)

Practical variable use

From original table, we are going to remove duplicates and then remove “Rats”.

FIrst option – calculates one variable, then another variable from the first variable, and then shows results

  • Animal species without rat = 
       VAR species = distinct(Animal_table[Animal]) 
       VAR species_without_rat = filter(species,Animal_table[Animal]<>”Rat”) 
    RETURN /

Second option – calculates one variable and then calculates the result from it

  • Animal species without rat =
       VAR species = DISTINCT(Animal_table[Animal])


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