This article describes, how to merge queries in Power Query in Power BI, when the keys in both tables are similar, but not exactly the same.

There is no need to explain, why this can be risky – on the other side it can be useful in some situations.

So how to do it?

In merging window click on Fuzzy matching and expand the window.

Now even the queries with similar values are connected.

What does what?

  • Similarity threshold

Number from 0 to 1. If close to 1, then only very similar matches are accepted. If close to 0, more items are connected.

  • Maximum number of matches

When 1, only the best match is assigned, like this:

When 2, best 2 matches are assigned, like this:

  • Transformation table

If you have some table, where some values are “explained”, you can use it. It has to look like this:

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