This article describes how to download not only textual content from a web page, but also “hidden” hyperlinks themselves.

We can use table from this page:

Connect to web and select the table:

and load.

In Power Query new table appears, but without hyperlinks.

Go to the second step of flow, “Extracted Table From HTML”, where the Html.Table function is used.

Add new column, which extract hyperlinks:

  • {“SomeColumn”, “a”, each [Attributes][href]},

So it looks like this:

  • = Html.Table(Source, {{“SomeColumn”, “a”, each [Attributes][href]}, {“Column1”, “TABLE > * > TR > :nth-child(1)”}, {“Column2”, “TABLE > * > TR > :nth-child(2)”}, {“Column3”, “TABLE > * > TR > :nth-child(3)”}}, [RowSelector=”TABLE > * > TR”])

And hyperlinks are here.

If you define their data category:

You can click on them in reports:

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