A “Pipeline” is a tool for reports deployment. Be careful – it only can be used in a Premium licence model.

What is pipeline?

  • Pipeline consists of three workspaces – the developlment one, the test one and the production one.
  • The content is typically published to development, then to test and then to production.
  • In pipeline you can simply observe changes and move datasets, reports. etc. to following stages.

How to start?

Create pipeline:

Assign previously created wokrspaces. They have to be created in a Premium way, otherwise you won´t see them here.

The content of workspaces appears now:

If, in same phase (i mean in connected workspaces) appears new content (published from outside or deployed from previous version), we can see there is something different between these two workspaces. Changes can be displayed in detail.

The content of workspaces can be simply deployed from one workspace to another.

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