Tabular editor as a nice tool. It can find some troubles in data model and sometimes even fix them.

We are not talking about obvious errors (like syntax). It´s more about troubles related to low performance or poor readability of model.

How to start?
Let´s have your Tabular Editor connected to Power BI Desktop.

In Advanced Scripting Window run this code:

  • System.Net.WebClient w = new System.Net.WebClient();
    string userName = System.Environment.UserName;
    string url = “”;
    string downloadLoc = @”C:\Users\”+userName+@”\AppData\Local\TabularEditor\BPARules.json”;
    w.DownloadFile(url, downloadLoc);

Then close and reopen Tabular Editor.

In Tabular Editor press F10 (or go to Tools / Best Practice Analyzer).

See the result:

It shows parts of model, that don´t comply with Microsoft best practices. In some of them, you can simply use right button and solve it.

The fix is written back to Power BI Desktop file.

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