This explains how to create a table in Power Apps app, which shows and modifies values in a source table.

We will add a gallery connected to data source, add fields showing data source values and make them editable.

Insert gallery

Insert the gallery (for example vertical) and assign a data source.

Insert fields

Insert text inputs into gallery (really, it has to be in it).

Set their Default properties to relevant columns from your data source.

Now values from source appear in fields, but you can´t use them to write into source.

Make it editable

Set the OnChange property of fields to something like this:

  • Patch(Table1,ThisItem,{Brand:Brand_input.Text})


  • Patch is a function, modifying table
  • Table1 is a source table
  • “Brand” is a name of a column
  • Brand_input is a name of field in Power Apps, that controls this column.


From now, changed values in a table are immediately written back to a source table.



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