When creating a simple app, working with calendar dates, Power Apps by default adds a control containing date and hours. But quite often you only need the date – not hours. So how to handle it?

Let´s start with already created app, containing date selection (and, unfortunately, time selection).

Unlock card containing date and time control.

Now you can delete hours and minutes:

Now a couple of error messages appear.

One is generated by the separator between hours and minutes. We don´t need it anymore, so let´s delete it.

Then change the Y property of error message from:

  • HourValue1.Y + HourValue1.Height


  • DateValue1.Y + DateValue1.Height

Now modify the card´s Update property so as it doesn´t work with time, so instead:

  • DateValue1.SelectedDate + Time(Value(HourValue1.Selected.Value), Value(MinuteValue1.Selected.Value), 0)

there should be:

  • DateValue1.SelectedDate

That´s all, folks, from now you don´t select time. If you don´t wont´t to see it in labels, just unlock them and set their Text property from:

  • Parent.Default


  • Datevalue(Parent.Default)

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