The article describes how to convert a table, where one row indicates the period from-to, to a table where one row, covering, for example, a period of three days, is replaced by three rows – each for one day. This can be very useful for a number of calculations.

E.g. here we will turn the overview of projects into a table and then a graph that shows how many active projects are active for each day.

If we don’t first divide the table into several rows, we can’t make such a chart, pivot table, visual. (But we could make a Gantt chart, for example).

The instructions are valid for both Excel and Power BI.

How to start?

In Power Query add this custom column:

  • =List.Dates([Start], Duration.Days([End] -[Start])+1 ,#duration(1,0,0,0) )

Note: when working with numbers instead of calendar dates, you can use this easier way:

  • ={[Start]..[End]}

Anyway, you get a list, that has to be expanded into rows.

Now you can do anything from this table – pivot tables, charts, visuals, whatever…

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