CONTAINSSTRING is a function, verifying, whether there is some textstring. CONTAINSSTRINGEXACT works similarly but is case sensitive.

It is simple. If there is “small pink pig” in column Item, then this:

  • Contains pig = CONTAINSSTRING(List1[Animal];”pig“)

returns True. On the other hand this:

  • Contains frog = CONTAINSSTRING(List1[Animal];”frog“)

returns False.

These functions are quite missing in Excel (outside DAX), where have to be replaced by complicated combination like:

  • =LEN(A1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1;”pig”;””))


  1. Hi, can you use this to find text from one column in another column in the same table, IE reference the row and column instead of using a boolean?

  2. “These functions are quite missing in Excel ” – have you tried the “FIND” function? Maybe learn a little excel before you decide what is missing. Granted find is case insensitive, but honestly I prefer it that way!

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