There are two functions in DAX with similar, and sometimes replaceable, use. I am talking about RELATED and LOOKUPVALUE.

Both can be used to assign values from other table – similarly to VLOOKUP in Excel.

So, if they are similar, which one should be used in which situation?

Why to use RELATED

  • It is simple – only use one parameter.
  • It can work through multiple tables, if they are connected by the “one to many” relation. 


  • Tables don´t need any relation – so it can be used when the relation can´t be created.
  • LOOKUPVALUE can use multiple keys at the same time. So, for example, you can use not only a surname, but first name and surname together.
  • LOOKUPVALUE doesn´t need the other table – it can take values from the table where LOOKUPVALUE formula takes place. Typically, it takes values from other rows, using some key.

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