This article is about the RELATED function, working in Power BI and Power Pivot and assigns values from other tables. It works similarly to VLOOKUP in Excel and LOOKUPVALUE in DAX.

Let´s say we have table of sales of items, and table of prices of these items. What we need is to add prices from the pricelist to the table of sales.

You can download the data from here

This is the table of sales:

This is the pricelist:

To make it work the tables have to be connected.
Then create this column containing this function:

    The Related function only has one argument – the target column. In contrary to VLOOKUP, which needs for arguments – because it does not have the information “included” in the relationship.

    To get the data backwards (from sales to pricelist), use the RELATEDTABLE table.

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    1. Does this increase the size of the file (since Price per unit is in 2 tables now)?

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