This article describe the RANK.EQ function, that can be used in Power Query to show the rank of some value in DAX (DAX is a language for Power Pivot and Power BI).

Let´s use this table with names of students and their scores from test. We can be interested in the order position of the values in “Test score” column.

Let´s add a new column and type:

  • Order from highest value = RANK.EQ(Students[Test score];Students[Test score];DESC)

Order from highest value – header of new column

  • RANK.EQ- function name
  • Students[Test score] – value, whose order is being evaluated
  • Students[Test score] – area, in which the value is being evaluated
  • DESC – direction of sorting (DESC or ASC) 


  1. Measure = RANK.EQ(‘1 Data Main'[],’1 Data Main'[maturity_amt],ASC)

    it is not even let me pick any value

  2. the rank doesn’t reorientate values that equal itself.

    For example: if a column has 2 values of 1000000, it would give it the same ranking.

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