This article describes the TOTALYTD function, which calculates the cumulative subtotals in a year. (For quarters or months TOTALYTD or TOTALMTD can be used.)

The result of TOTALYTD can be seen here – there is revenue for a single month and revenue from January this year.

So how to get the subtotals?

Let´s create a new measure:

  • This year cumulative = TOTALYTD(SUM(‘original data'[Revenue]);’original data'[Date];ALL(‘original data’))


  • TOTALYTD is a name of function
  • SUM(‘original data'[Revenue]) – what is calculated
  • ‘original data'[Date] – this column defines the time
  • ALL(‘original data’) – you can use some filter here, but we don´t need any in this example

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  1. if for a timeless summary to the next year how do you do it

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