The SELECTCOLUMNS function simply takes some column / columns from another table and create a new table from them.

For example, you can take only one column, Revenue, from this table:

The syntax of SELECTCOLUMNS is simple:

  • Smaller table = SELECTCOLUMNS(Table1;”This day revenue”;[Revenue])
It is table, column name in new table, column name in original table, column name in new table, column name in original table…)
If you needed not the column, but just the list of values (like 7 items for 7 weekdays), you may use DISTINCT.


  1. The sample shows Semi Colons but the proper syntax is comma. The instructions say “use DISTINCT” but don’t indicate where DISTINCT would be added.

  2. Commas / semicolons depends on Windows regional settings. DIstinct can be used like “DISTINCT([weekdays])

  3. Hi, thank you for teh explanation. I always get bag as an Error “Eine Tabelle mit mehreren Werten wurde zurückgegeben, obwohl ein einzelner Wert erwartet wurde.” in english: “A table with multiple values was returned although a single value was expected.”. Dou you know what I can do?
    Thank you in advance!

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