The CONCATENATEX function concatenates texts in measures / in visuals. But how to use it to show unique values?

Let´s have the table with cars, containing Brand and Model.

We need to know, which model of which brand is there.

If we simply used CONCATENATEX to create a measure and if we used this measure in a matrix, we would see this:

  • List of models = CONCATENATEX('table';'table'[Model];", ")

Models (like Spider) are not unique. So let´s modify the formula this way:

  • List of unique values = CALCULATE(CONCATENATEX(DISTINCT('table'[Model]);'table'[Model];", "))

Now it is much better - each model only appears once.


  1. any ideas on combining values in 2 columns trough a measure.

  2. Maybe something like sumx, countx, concatenatex? What exactly do you need?

  3. Does the function VALUES work better than DISTINCT here?

  4. hi thanks dude for your help.
    It works perfectly into my cross table DAX


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