This course is for those of you who don´t work with Excel much, but need to move on.

The whole course is lectured in English and the participants work with English Excel version. 

Two days of real examples, practical demonstrations and clever tricks.

What are we focusing on?

  • PivotTables
  • Logic functions
  • Graphs
  • Conditional formatting
  • Keyboard shortcuts 

And a lot more ...

References from two-day intermediate Excel:

  • Nice atmosphere, friendly teacher, plenty of information.
  • I wouldn't change anything. Excellent lecturer.
  • Everything was explained clearly and at a pace that suited the whole group. I liked everything.
    A lot of the information was new and certainly very useful.

Téma kurzu

Pivot Tables

Something you need to know in order to quickly find the information you are looking for in large tables and display it clearly. In addition to the basics, we will also show, for example, calculation fields, setting the source of a Pivot Table or conditional formatting in a Pivot Table.

Logical functions and their use in practice

It’s very useful to know these functions – to be able to edit data using the IF, AND, OR … functions. It’s very important to be able to combine them correctly – that’s why we’ll focus on this area.

Merging tables (VLOOKUP)

It is not possible to work in Excel without a well-managed VLOOKUP function, which puts data from multiple tables together. But sometimes, in addition to VLOOKUP, it is also useful to know HLOOKUP or, for example, OFFSET – so we will show you how to use those as well.

Text functions

The data you often process needs to be modified. And there are helpful functions like CONCATENATE, TRIM, LEFT, FIND, REPLACE … We will show you how to combine these functions with each other.


Need to count totals and counts for some items only in large spreadsheets, and don’t want to furiously filter and copy? Then you need to master SUMIFS and COUNTIFS functions.

Date functions

Working in Excel with calendar data is easy and functions such as MONTH, YEAR, WEEKDAY, EDATE or NETWORKDAYS are very helpful. So why not to learn them properly?

Conditional formatting

It is not enough just to have the right numbers. It is also necessary to be able to display them well so that everyone can easily find their way around them. Conditional formatting is irreplaceable in terms of displaying data. We will learn the most basic procedures, but also a little more complicated cases where a formula is used for conditional formatting.


We will show you how to record a simple macro and edit it.

Power Query

Power Query is a new, very practical tool in Excel. It handles the connection to external data sources so as the user gets rid of frequent copying.


It is not enough to work well with Excel – you also need to work quickly. And it’s not possible without clever shortcuts.